Task management tools can help in various ways. Simplification, better activities control, clarity on tasks management and most importantly, organization. 
The organization is essential when defining the company’s goals. 
In this sense, employees need to keep in mind, in a concise way, the responsibilities of each individual to achieve the goals. 
However, we know that during business growth, new resources are required, including new employees. This leads to the expansion of the work team, and consequently, more difficulty for the manager to observe his team. 
Therefore, a management tool is essential to control and follow the activities, as well as tracking who is performing each task and its performance. 

What do task management tools need to have? 

What do task management tools need to have?

Task management tools have the main purpose of optimizing work management experience for the user. They need to at least offer an easier management system. 
For that, they need some items. The main ones are: 

  • Task assignment 
  • Priority indicator 
  • Deadline for these tasks 
  • A simple interface 

The assignment part is essential when determining who will be responsible for each activity, so this field must be intuitive and easy to understand. Therefore, there will be no confusion.. 
The priority indicator is important when deciding what to do first. It is necessary to consider the difficulty of the task, how long it will take to execute and if it has a deadline for the employee (or even the task manager) to respect. 
So, a specific deadline  is important. The interface is one of the main points when it comes to a good task management tool. After all, this is where the main information will be gathered, including those already mentioned above. 
Therefore, it is essential that it be simple and intuitive for the user, since an interface full of information and features, with little direction and practicality is useless. 

Benefits of using task management tools 
First of all, you need to understand why you need to use a task management tool. In this regard, we mentioned above the main advantages of being able to count on it. 

  • Time optimization 
  • Tasks centralization 
  • Macro view 

When it comes to time optimization, there is no doubt that currently this is one of the most requested features in the market, whether  in the requirements for a job offer or in the way a company manages its services. 
Likewise, when it comes to management tools, it couldn’t be any more different. After all, here time optimization is the result of the sum of the other main advantages:  the tasks centralization and the macro vision. 
With tasks centralized in one place and properly distributed, the manager can have a complete view of everything that is being done. And, thus, you can manage your work easier and in less time. 

Manage your tasks with Blueticks 
WhatsApp is the main communication resource in the Brazilian market. 
The truth is we will hardly find anyone who does not use the messaging app, especially when it comes to communication at work. 
So, instead of using multiple software to send texts and organize tasks, why not bring everything together in one space where everyone is already included? 
This is precisely the Blueticks proposal. 
Blueticks is an extension for WhatsApp Web that in addition to sending scheduled messages to contacts, also allows the organization of tasks. 

Manage your tasks with Blueticks

With a solution via subscription, Blueticks is ideal when it comes to marketing campaigns, since it allows you to send mass messages. 
Of course, always careful to have the first approach with the receiver beforehand, to avoid spam complaints. 
In addition, there is the tasks organization in WhatsApp itself. That allows the assignment of activities to each employee in private and even a greater distribution in groups. 

How it works 
First, after subscribing to the service, all contributors must have the extension installed on their browser, which must be compatible with the Chrome Web Store in order to view the tasks assigned to them. 
Regarding these tasks, the team manager can distribute them privately, going straight to the conversation with a specific employee or by groups, facilitating a 360º view of the tasks assessment. 
Do you want to test the free features and have all these management possibilities on your WhatsApp? Click here

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