Sell via WhatsApp: how Blueticks helps you in this mission

In the midst of so many online business opportunities, selling via WhatsApp is a must for every company that uses the internet as an income channel. 

How to Sell on WhatsApp 

It turns out that people use this application as a communication channel with friends and family. Therefore, selling through WhatsApp can easily cause a bad impression on consumers – if the company does not use it in the correct way. 
But that’s no reason to be afraid and put this strategy aside. On the other hand, there are many reasons to create campaigns on WhatsApp. In this article we want to show you some strategies so you can sell through the app without harming your relationship with your customers. Shall we get started? 

How to set up WhatsApp Business 
First, your WhatsApp store account needs to be separate from your personal ones. The reason is quite simple: professionalism. No customer likes to message the store, see it online and not get a response. If you use your personal WhatsApp account, you will need to reply to all customers, regardless of the time. 
But not only that,  WhatsApp Business has more features compared to the traditional version. Specifically speaking of brands, it allows the creation of catalogs, automatic absence texts during a specific period, categorizing conversations and more. 
That’s why you need to configure your store’s WhatsApp Business so that it looks as professional as possible. Therefore, consider: 

  • Insert the company logo as a profile picture (not your own) 
  • Create a catalog and add your product 
  • Inform your service days and hours and set up absence texts 
  • Configure shortcuts to standard messages (i.e. this allows you to inform your product exchange policies in a few seconds, saving you a lot of time). 

How to use Blueticks to sell via WhatsApp 

These business version features are awesome, but they are not all your business needs to be more productive in sales and growing your business. So Blueticks joins the game in filling this gap. 
By installing this extension in your browser (it is worth mentioning that this is free of charge) you turn your application into a complete tool for managing tasks and running campaigns to sell via WhatsApp. 
Check below the features that Blueticks adds to WhatsApp 

Message scheduling 

Message scheduling with Blueticks

This is wanted by practically all companies that intend to increase sales via WhatsApp. After all, by scheduling the messages it is possible to align the  campaign start (discounts, gifts or product launches) with the scheduled trigger. 
Remember we are talking about increasing sales via WhatsApp, which means that sending these texts to all customers manually would be impossible. When a business is just starting you can manage it that way, but the focus is to scale sales and, consequently have a considerable customer base, right? 
The procedure is simple – in just a few steps you create the campaign, write the message, define who you want to send it to and, finally, the trigger time. We detail the entire process in this article. 

Task management 

Task management with Blueticks

With Blueticks you can also centralize your team’s task management. As it is natural communication on WhatsApp, it is also easy to implement a demands organization method in this application. 
It’s a way to make the company’s WhatsApp groups productive, going beyond just exchanging messages. As your campaign progresses, various demands will arise (from foreseen to emergency). 
When that happens, just open the group, create a task with Blueticks, assign a responsible person and define the priority and deadline. This way, both you and the other team members can follow the requests progress. 
However, if you want to do this assignment individually, you can. And the steps are the same, except that you perform it in the person’s private conversation. 

Message scheduling and task management help you sell on WhatsApp 
Returning to the question we brought up in the beginning of this article, these two features we mentioned here contribute to your company selling via WhatsApp in a scalable way because, first, by programming the message triggers, you communicate with your entire list of customers at once. 
Then, as they place orders or ask questions, you assign tasks without leaving the app. At the end of the day, all communication (commercial and internal) is channeled in the same place, helping you to sell via WhatsApp. 
Honestly, these aren’t the only things you can do with Blueticks. There is still a lot more. So, click here to start using the extension and boost your WhatsApp sales with Blueticks. 

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