4 WhatsApp Campaign Ideas for Your Business

The main advantage of using the most popular messenger among Brazilians for marketing strategies is the possibility of reaching a large audience at a low cost. For this reason, many entrepreneurs plan their campaign ideas on WhatsApp. 

4 WhatsApp campaign ideas

As most users access the application frequently, that means your message will reach the recipient quickly. As reported by HootSuite, 98% of messages in the app are opened and read, and 90% of them are replied to within 3 seconds. 

In addition to that, WhatsApp allows you to use different formats, so you can create more creative ads with images, videos and even audio. But, what kind of content send? If you are pondering that as well, here are 4 WhatsApp campaign ideas. 

  1. Institutional  Marketing   

Institutional Marketing aims to captivate consumers and build the identity of a company. The main goal is not the direct sale of products or services, therefore, it cannot be considered a sales technique. 

The result is that consumers begin to identify directly with the brand, which is even more significant than simply finding a product or service useful. People look for companies that share the same purpose as them, and when they find it, they become loyal to the brand. 

So it will be a good idea to publicize this type of content about the company’s values ​​through WhatsApp. Just the fact that you are using this channel for such communication demonstrates proximity to your audience, since the app is one of their favorites. 

Plan your actions to generate social impact and engagement, improving your company’s institutional image. You can carry out donation campaigns, create volunteer projects or promote initiatives that collaborate to increase people’s quality of life. 

Want an example of this type of campaign? Itaú’s “Read for a child”, which consists of the distribution of free children’s books. 

  1. Costumer Service 

It is not new that WhatsApp is the favorite consumer channel, as also pointed out by Cedro Technologies in partnership with E-commerce Brasil’s research 

Costumer Service

Also according to the same survey, 89% of consumers answered that they have already canceled or not even finished a purchase due to poor service. Today, customers value, above all, an agile and well-done consumer service. In face of that, WhatsApp is the ideal channel for: 

  • Responding to customer queries; 
  • Offering Support; 
  • Strengthening relationship; 
  • Promoting your products and services; 
  • Closing sales 

That is, you can perform a customer service in a matter of minutes. And with the Blueticksextension for Google Chrome it gets even easier, as it is possible to conduct personalized message campaigns. This makes your support faster and more efficient, for example: 

“Hello (your client’s name) it’s a pleasure to have you here with us! Check out our products on our website and, if you have any questions, we will be here to help you!” 

Blueticks allows the “your customer’s name” gap to be replaced by their name, which you inform through your contacts upload to the platform. This makes the message more personal. 

With these campaign ideas on WhatsApp, you can also combine two actions that every customer likes: agility and exclusivity in service. It is worth mentioning that, for this function, Blueticks is fundamental in the execution of the strategy and still offers other interesting features. 

  1. Promotions 

Promotion is one of the most used marketing tools among companies that want to attract new customers, increase revenue and retain old customers. When done well, they never make companies lose money, on the contrary. 

However, to be successful, communication needs to be efficient, arousing customers’ interest in an offer. This is one of the faster sales techniques when it comes to capturing people’s attention, making them connect to your brand in a different way, as an opportunity. 

By choosing WhatsApp as the channel for this communication, you also optimize your company’s image, strengthening the relationship with your customer. You can, for example, launch exclusive actions for your WhatsApp contacts, such as lightning promotions, launch offers or special discounts. 

A good tip is to run the promotion with a time limit. Thus, you will be using the urgency mental trigger. Look: 

“Hello Alicia, we want to inform you that the entire store is 30% off! But only today! Enjoy it now!” 

Of course, other mental triggers can be used to encourage people to make a decision. So feel free to vary between them in your WhatsApp campaign ideas, running tests and seeing what works best for each type of customer. 

  1. Videos 

There are several reasons to use videos in your WhatsApp campaign ideas. They generate more interaction strengthen your brand and increase your chances of sales. In addition, they can be used for different purposes, such as inspiring, educating, challenging or entertaining, for example. 

Afro american male teacher in headset conducting online lessons while staying at home. Handsome man using modern technology for work.

This way, you can present your product through a video, showing the advantages of buying it and, above all, how it solves the consumer’s problem. Or you can generate social proof by presenting reports from satisfied customers. 

To top it off, Blueticks supports uploading videos, so invest in them in your campaigns. Like WhatsApp, this content format provides immediacy in its connection with the recipient of the message, forming a perfect union between channel and content. 

Benefits of Applying These Campaign Ideas on WhatsApp 

There are several campaign ideas on WhatsApp and, as you’ve seen here, the app has interesting benefits. We can highlight 3: 

  • Greater proximity to the public; 
  • Sales intensification; 
  • Increase in customer satisfaction. 

Ultimately, with strategic campaigns on WhatsApp, you can promote your products and services, establish a point of contact and stimulate a relationship with customers. 

Now that you already know 4 WhatsApp campaign ideas, make this whole process easier and more streamlined by installing the Blueticks extension for free, increasing the success of your campaigns even more

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