See why WhatsApp campaigns are the best choice for your marketing strategy and learn how to measure your results 

If someone tells you that it is possible to make great campaigns on WhatsApp that guarantee almost 100% deliverability to your contacts, would you believe it? Some people get scared thinking it’s too complicated or too complex and full of details. 

4 reasons to run campaigns on WhatsApp

But it’s not, and in this article you will see 4 reasons to create campaigns on WhatsApp, the messenger that already has more than 120 million users in Brazil, opening a rate of 98%, according to EZTexting. Come along! 

  1. Customer Service 

Your customers rather to be answered by WhatsApp instead of a customer service number. This is what a study carried out by the Sercom Group reveals. It has interviewed more than a thousand Brazilian consumers. 

And it’s a logical thing to think about, after all, how many times have you had to face a long waiting time on this kind of calls? We’re sure it wasn’t a pleasant experience. 

Therefore, companies that serve their customers via WhatsApp provide a much more agile, simple and, above all, convenient service. Remember, however, that this is the channel preferred by customers because of its immediacy, so avoid taking too long to respond. 

  1. Reach 

Another great reason to run relevant campaigns on WhatsApp is the transmission list, in which you can send a message to multiple customers at once. 

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In WhatsApp Business it’s even better, because you can organize your customers through the tags and create broadcast lists from them. That way, you send a specific message to one category of customers and a different one to others. 

Two problems here: 1) WhatsApp limits broadcast lists up to 256 contacts; 2) the texts only reach users who have your number saved in their contacts, which makes customer numbers obtained actively useless, through online forms or surveys, for example. 

Also, messages are not personalized. It means that you can’t call each contact by their first and last name, so the content always looks like advertising. This considerably decreases the open rate, after all, who likes to receive generic flyers through WhatsApp? 

The solution, therefore, is to use the Blueticks extension for Google Chrome. When creating the transmission lists through it, there is no limit of contacts, it is possible to customize the messages and even schedule sending times. The tool has other interesting features as well, which you can check out by clicking here

  1. Delivery 

Certainly, the high guarantee of your product delivery is a determining factor when choosing the right app to run a campaign. And WhatsApp is great in that matter because people use it for personal purposes, like chatting with friends and family. 


A survey carried out by Croma Insightsreveals that 50% of the population checks the messages received right after waking up, such is the importance of the application in their routines. With that in mind, many companies program their WhatsApp campaigns to send messages at strategic times. 

However, it is not possible to do this using the primary features of the application. Fortunately, Blueticks also offers this possibility, giving you more control over your WhatsApp campaigns. 

Moreover, did you know that it is still possible to track how many messages were sent, received and read by users? In this way, you can measure each new content campaign and know what is working best for your audience, do you want to know how to do that? Check out the step by step at the end of this article! 

  1. Quality 

Finally, the last but not least reason is the quality of your WhastApp campaign. Use the most assertive language for each customer segmentation and strategically planthe ideal frequency of the message triggers. 

With the contacts properly registered, you can use Blueticks to customize your message flows according to their purchase journey. For those who are already customers, you send, for example, a discount campaign encouraging them to return. 

In the meantime, for those who only got in touch to ask a question and didn’t come back, it might be interesting to run a campaign for an educational page about your product. 

This personalization makes your customers’ contact experience with the company more pleasant, creating bonds of trust with your brand and enhancing the efficiency of the shopping journey. 

Step-by-Step to measure deliveries and message readings in WhatsApp campaigns 

Yes, with WhatsApp, you can measure how many of your messages have been delivered, received and read. From there, you can see which campaign worked best and which is worth repeating. 

So, here’s how to access all this data, step by step: 

  • With Blueticks installed, open WhatsApp Web; 
  • Click on the three dots icon in the upper right corner of the screen; 
  • Then choose the “Settings” option;
    Click on “Company Settings”; 
  • Finally, tap on “Statistics”. 
  • There you will find the performance numbers of your messages. 

Now that you know 4 good reasons to run WhatsApp campaigns, just install the Blueticks extension for free and start using it!

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