Formatting a canvas that accurately shows how to attract customers would be like a holy grail for entrepreneurs of all niches and company sizes. However, there is no such thing as a 100% effective To-Do in this regard, simply because there are too many variables.

For example, if a company in the food industry sells its fast-foods very well in a direct sales model, in which skilled salespeople remove snacks at the establishment and offer them door-to-door, it does not mean that it will also work for competitors. Due to the variables: salespeople’s ability, region knowledge and empathy combined with sympathy are some of them, which influence in the success (or failure) of the strategy.

So, to understand how to attract customers, you need to consider the way the company communicates to finally see what is executable. We’ve separated four tips that will help you in this process, let’s go?

Deliver great customer service

The consumer is the source of profit, so ensuring he has a good experience is a basic requirement in order to make him a regular client. And more satisfied your customer is, greater are the changes that he refers your company to a friend. And do you know why this is so valuable?

Because when a person receives a referral from someone they trust, the sale is already 50% made. It’s a percentage that shines in the eyes of those who are looking to know how to attract customers and fidelize them.

On the other hand, the unhelpful service and overall negative experience is even more powerful (but for the downside). To paraphrase a well-known expression, a satisfied customer discloses to two people, while a dissatisfied one does it to two hundred.

E-mail marketing

According to an article by Valor Econômico (Brazilian newspaper) on an IBGE survey, 94.2% of Brazilians use the internet to exchange messages. We live in an era where social networks are rising, but it is hasty to say that few Internet users access e-mail: 69.3% of them, according to the survey.

In addition to the high indicator, there is another point in favor of using email marketing. It turns out that, precisely because of the instantaneous propagation of messages through SMS and Meta Platforms’ messengers, the inbox is becoming more and more serious.

Note that for sending invoices, airline ticket numbers, proof of financial transactions and other important documents, e-mail is the choice. That said, the company that manages to establish contact (that is, that the customer doesn’t mark it as spam) through the inbox, will have a reliable channel to communicate with them.

Invest on social networks

Since the public spends a lot of time on social media, how about turning them into sales channels? For this, it is essential to have a plan so that the connection with the potential customer feels natural.

After the first approach (which can be a question in direct, mention of the page, comment and/or tagging in a post, among other interactions), the next step is to stimulate a relationship. You can do that by creating content that pleases the followers, stimulating rapport.

By analyzing campaigns’ results, it is possible to gather the most viewed and accepted contents and, at the same time, interconnect them in search of information that allows you to understand your target audience.

Discovering the target audience

“Guesswork” is a simple word, but very dangerous when it concerns to stakeholders, personas, target audience and competition. The fact is that there is no room for superficiality in the analysis of your ideal client.

So, gather well based information so you don’t lose money or have to work on your research again. Here are four ways to find out who your target audience is:

Satisfaction survey

Ratifying that there is no room for guesswork, research is the most direct way to obtain information about your audience. Add a totem in the front of your store or at the checkout so people can rate the shopping experience; or make a suggestion box available.

If the guesswork is gaining voice and making you think that these boxes don’t work, take the test. It’s better to have a field-proven negative answer than an assumption-based positive.

Email form
If your business is not a commercial establishment open to the public, consider sending an email from your company, to get information about your customers about the shopping experience. Online forms are practical tools because they are easy for you to design and make it practical for the customer to respond.

How they interact with the competition
Without looking at the competition, it is not possible to attract clients. As brilliant, timeless and worthy of a “Steve Jobs Innovation Seal” as your product is, take a good look around
observing what happens in your market is how you learn what not to do, what needs to be validated, and, very importantly, how your ideal customer interacts with your direct competitors.

WhatsApp messages

The use of this messenger is huge, especially in Brazil. It’s easy to risk that more than 90% of your customers use WhatsApp, so why not send a short text asking what you think of the product or service you’ve hired?

You don’t have to do this manually for each customer, as this would require staffing and compromise the team’s productivity (unless the company hires people specifically for this – which will increase operation’s costs).

The most reasonable way is to use Blueticks an extension for Google Chrome that automates this process and allows you to schedule the message sending. As the tool makes it possible to import contacts from a CSV document, the process of getting to know your target audience becomes faster.

It is important to note that sending messages to those who are not on your contact list is not a good idea. People may feel invaded and block the number immediately. In the worst case, they report it as SPAM and WhatsApp can ban the account.

How to download Blueticks

If you didn’t know about this tool, now you realize how it considerably facilitates communication with your customer and knowledge about what he needs. So, start using Blueticks right now by installing the extension for free here.

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