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How to manage tasks

Learning how to manage tasks isn’t easy, as you know.. After all, you are here looking to learn a little bit more about how to do it. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place!  

When we aim to learn about how to manage our tasks well, it means that we need to improve our organization, right? Right!  

However, for this dream organization to be achieved, we need to go further. Therefore, today’s article will guide you step by step towards this goal. That’s right, there are instructions for you to put into practice and start having better task management.  

Good management of our personal tasks is nice, but in this article we are going to see how to manage tasks in the corporate environment since these same guidelines can also be applied entirely to your work team! Shall we? 

Guide on how to manage tasks 

As humans when we are well organized we can do amazing things. Mainly, working as a team.  

If you are the work team manager, you must know the importance of collaboration.  However, for you, your team and your business to be effective when it comes to productivity, some processes need to be done.  

But what are they?  

That’s what you will see in this article. The aim is to answer this question in the best possible way – through practice. So let’s get straight into it. 

List and distribute tasks 

First of all, we need to talk about how simple the first statement is. However, it is also underestimated and sometimes even performed incorrectly. 

After all, you’ve probably written a list of things you needed to do and ended up getting frustrated if you didn’t complete them all. But have you ever wondered if you did it the best possible way? Well, if the answer is “no”, today we bring you a suggestion. 

The truth is that, after creating this list, the best option is to distribute it. Moreover, there are also correct ways to make this distribution efficient. One of them is weekly organization. 

Choose a day just for that —preferably Sunday night, when you’re likely to be less busy—and list everything you need to do during the week. 

Then spread it out over the next few days. Never forget though, the possibility of unexpected events. It is valid to take a break between appointments. 

Define what your priorities are 

Now, we come to a very important step when it comes to learning how to manage tasks: setting priorities. 

It may seem simple, but some people still have difficulty defining what is a priority and what is not. Thus, they end up getting messy with deadlines that are, in fact, important. 

Using the weekly organization suggestion, for example, prioritize those that can’t make it past this week. You know the famous deadline? So, use it as a basis when choosing what to do first. 

Divide the tasks 

Did you know that we are extremely visual beings? Well, that can also apply here. 

The thing is, if you see a huge task that you need to do that week, you’ll unconsciously create an aversion to it—and you’ll try to put it off. 

So, try to break the activity down into steps. 

For example, if during the week, you need to deliver that huge report, try to make the conclusion of the work more tangible. 

How to make it more tangible? 

One suggestion is to create a checklist. You can subdivide the work of creating this report into parts. See how to do it: 

This is just one of the suggestions for subdivisions you can do with your longer tasks. It is even possible to adapt the idea to any type of work. 

When visualizing smaller tasks to be accomplished, we feel more driven to complete them. Well, we automatically associate this with a greater ease of completion. 

After that, the work flows and without even realizing it, we reach the end of the job. 

Manage your team’s tasks with Blueticks 

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