Team leaders know how important it is for task management to be well organized and easy to understand. This is the only way possible to measure the employees’ performance and the team production ability. 

Therefore, in this article you will see how the Blueticks extension for Google Chrome makes WhatsApp an efficient way for managing tasks. The great advantage lies in the fact that many people already use the application naturally, which facilitates the adaptation to the company’s process. 

So, keep reading! 

How to create a task with Blueticks 

Blueticks allows the creation of tasks both in groups and in individual WhatsApp conversations. And you will see how simple it is for managers and for those who receive the demands. 

Once you open WhatsApp Web, in the header of each conversation you will see the “tasks” button. Click on it and then on “start a new task”. 

Press “enter” to confirm and that’s it, the task will be applied. To add a new one, look for the same “start a new task” area at the end of the list. 

See how easy it is? After creating all the requirements, just click on the share button and the group automatically receives an invitation link. Before accepting, each member must have the Blueticks extension installed on Google Chrome. 

How to manage tasks in Blueticks 

Blueticks can centralize all your task management in WhatsApp. Because the application is very popular in Brazil, you will hardly find adaptation problems among the team members. In fact, by coupling tasks with the messenger, the extension makes it simple for everyone to communicate quickly. 

When opening the task list by clicking on the same “tasks” button in the header, you will see the following options next to each appointment: 

  • Chat; 
  • Owner; 
  • Priority; 
  • Status; and 
  • Date. 

Next, see how to manage tasks in Blueticks from them. 


It’s a task-specific conversation window, a subgroup within the group, preventing over-notifications. Since the dialogs are separate, you can use this feature for more details and paste links without sending notifications to all members. 

Ownership (assign to a group member) 

Placing tasks under the responsibility of specific people facilitates a 360º view of the project, that is, what each person on the team is working on. 

That’s what the second button makes possible. Just click on it and choose who you want to assign the task to. 


Then there is the priority button. You can click and choose between “low, medium, high or urgent”. There is also the option “none”, ideal for tasks that need to be done, but only after finishing all the others. 


Once you assign a task to a group member, you track their progress as they update the task’s progress (“To Do”, “working on it”, “done” or “stopped”). Thus, it is possible to know, on a single screen, the status of the progress of the entire distributed project. 

Scheduling messages 

The “date” field shows when the task was created. When hovering over it, two buttons appear: schedule message and delete task. The latter is self-explanatory, while the former requires configuration. Then, by clicking on it, a pop-up window will appear. 

In it, you write a message and choose a date and time to send it. WhatsApp Web must be opened at the set time. In addition, you can configure the scheduled sending to be canceled if someone sends a text in the group. 

At first, this last point doesn’t seem to bring much advantage because anything sent already cancels the appointment. However, it makes sense in individual conversations, as scheduled billing messages are canceled when the person informs that they have already complied with the agreement. 

Finally, still on the programming of messages, there is the recurring sending, in which you schedule the same message to be sent every minute, hour, day, month and even year! 

Keep the team aware 

Centralizing task management in WhatsApp requires increments, such as the aforementioned Blueticks. Since the point is making it easier for everyone, it is necessary that the teams are aligned with the proposal. 

Therefore, it is essential to validate with the team that this will be the channel through which they will receive new requests and organize themselves according to the informed priority. 

Thus, WhatsApp with Blueticks becomes a complete task and team management tool. This is an advantage for everyone, after all, they will have the tasks distribution and the support channel in the same platform. 

We know that the less dispersion in the organization of teams, the lower the chances of something getting lost in communication. So, click here to learn more about Blueticks and download the extension

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