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Why you should use the Blueticks extension for WhatsApp 

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Have you ever thought about using a tool that allows you to expand your business? Then the Blueticks extension for WhatsApp is what you need to make it come true. This tool makes teamwork more efficient and contributes to strengthen customer relationships. 

Are you interested in diving into it? In this article, you will find out about the importance of using WhatsApp to sell and how Blueticks extension can operate on your company’s WhatsApp. Enjoy reading about it! 

Why you should rely on WhatsApp to sell? 

Just to give you an idea, about 80% of Brazilians use WhatsApp to interact with brands, according to research developed by Opinion Box and Mobile Time. 

It is a great tool to apply marketing strategies, regardless of the size of the business.. 

The Business version of the messenger brings more features, such as controlling the message flow, number of submissions, messages delivered and total openings. But with Blueticks, you can go even further. 

What is Blueticks WhatsApp extension? 

The Blueticks extension for WhatsApp is a free tool, developed by an Israeli startup, which provides greater centralization of activities in a single environment. Therefore, it is a great ally for entrepreneurs who use WhatsApp in their routine communication. 

Blueticks incorporates new functions for the application in its web version and some of these functionalities are the automation and scheduling of messages — which we will further explain in this article. 

What is the extension for? 

The Blueticks extension for WhatsApp Web is ideal for businesses that want to put strategies into practice that increase conversion rates and sales through the app. It is obvious that one of the companies’ desires is to increase profits and sales. 

Therefore, there are some tools that make it possible to centralize functions, where the entrepreneur can sell, schedule messages and manage tasks, all in one place. This is the case with the Blueticks extension for WhatsApp! 

This tool transforms a simple messaging application into a complete tool for managing activities, carrying out campaigns and sending scheduled messages to your contact list. 

3 Advantages of Using the Blueticks Extension 

The biggest advantage of this extension is the possibility of having a complete platform, which optimizes productivity in real time.

The good thing is that when installed on your Chrome browser, you can not only create campaigns, but also schedule and organize them on WhatsApp. In other words, the tool is complete and brings instant results to the company’s marketing strategy. 

For this reason, we will show you the main advantages of using the Blueticks extension in your business strategies, check it out: 

1. Message Scheduling 

Message scheduling optimizes sending, as it triggers automatically. The main benefit of this is the ease, since the entrepreneur does not need to carry out this process manually. 

With this, it is possible to align campaign launches with each strategy and message triggering. However, to use the tool, you must install the Blueticks for WhatsApp Web extension. The good thing is that it is totally intuitive! 

Check out what this tool has to offer you when programming messages: 

● Creation of campaigns for your business 

● Automatic messages 

● A complete list of clients who will receive the messages 

● Delimitation of the message trigger time. 

2. Task Management  

Blueticks’ task management tool makes room for greater practicality and control of your business activities. In addition to offering greater clarity when distributing tasks to the entire team. 

In other words, the Blueticks for WhatsApp extension ensures that organization is essential when defining company goals and objectives. 

Therefore, it is important that employees have a tool at hand that allows both managers and employees to have greater control over their activities. 

Check out some items that this tool offers for task management: 

● Activity assignment 

● Priority guide 

● Period that the tasks need to be performed 

● Fully intuitive and simple interface 

These are the main advantages of using this task management functionality. Instead of using several tools, Blueticks is all in one place and  can centralize everything you need to manage team activities. 

3. Conducting Campaigns 

Our tool also offers the entrepreneur features that allow them to carry out marketing campaigns via WhatsApp. In this way, it is possible to schedule and automatically trigger messages. 

Running a campaign in an application that 99% of Brazilians use daily guarantees some benefits: 

1. Better service: you serve the customer on WhatsApp (a study carried out by the Sercom Group proves that most consumers prefer to be served there, instead of the SAC). 

2. Greater reach: through the transmission list it is possible to send messages to several customers at the same time, and in WhatsApp Business you can organize customers with lists and labels. 

3. Delivery guarantee: carrying out a WhatsApp campaign with Blueticks, guarantees the entrepreneur a high rate of delivery of messages to the final recipient. 

For this reason, the solution offered by Blueticks is complete for any entrepreneur who wants to centralize their company’s messages and activities in one place! If you liked knowing the benefits of this tool, enjoy and download the Blueticks extension right now from the Chrome Web Store. a free trial and increase your team’s productivity! 


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