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How to sell on Black Friday with Blueticks 

One of the most commercially appealing seasons is upon us. See how to sell on Black Friday using WhatsApp with Blueticks. 

Do you already know how to sell on Black Friday this year? The biggest Brazilian commercial event is around the corner, with great opportunities to increase your sales rate. Your company has no more time to waste! 

 According to Google’s research¹, more Brazilians intend to buy this year, regardless of inflation. The World Cup will also be a huge boost for sales. However, the real question for entrepreneurs is how to best sell on Black Friday. 

 Therefore, in this article, you will find the best strategies to sell and how to use a complete tool that can help with this process. Enjoy reading this useful information! 

How to sell on Black Friday 2022 

In order to know how to sell on Black Friday, you need to be aware of the year’s updates. For example, one that you probably already know is that the World Cup will also start in November. Great opportunity to sell, don’t you agree? 

 Brazil even debuts on 11/24, the day before Black Friday starts. So your strategy needs to take this big event into account. For this, a good idea is to take advantage of this moment and create some promotions throughout the month, check below: 

The ideal is to plan well all strategies to sell on Black Friday. For this reason, we recommend creating a calendar with all the marketing actions for that period. 

 Finally, it is possible to present these offers through various channels of the company. Such as email shooting, content on social networks and messages via WhatsApp. In fact, this last strategy offers even more connection with your customers. 

How to sell on Black Friday with Blueticks 

 There are several ways to sell on Black Friday, don’t you agree? However, selling via WhatsApp can be one of the most strategic ways to ensure greater connection with the consumer. 

There are extensions in Google Chrome that allow you to create WhatsApp campaigns and that’s exactly what Blueticks does. It makes the application complete by simultaneously sending messages to a given list of contacts. 

By installing the extension on your Chrome browser, you can run campaigns, schedule and organize them directly on the company’s WhatsApp. In this way, you can further enhance the results of your marketing strategy. 

Check out below how to use this tool to sell: 

Message scheduling 

 Scheduling messages makes sending messages easier, since manually displaying them would be unsustainable. When scheduled, campaign launches get aligned with each strategy and message triggering. 

For this, you must access your business’s WhatsApp Web with the Blueticks extension installed. The whole procedure is quite intuitive. In just a few basic steps you can:  

Task management 

Blueticks makes it possible to centralize and manage your team’s tasks through WhatsApp. The study carried out by MEF² says that this communication tool is the most used for business in Brazil. 

So, instead of using various task organization and communication software, it is possible to gather all these needs in one tool. It was with this idea that our tool was created, making it possible to organize tasks in WhatsApp itself. 

Check out how this functionality for organization works: 

Note that this tool, in addition to facilitating the company’s processes and enabling the organization of each employee, allows the leadership to have access to the work that each employee is responsible for developing. 


Campaigns through WhatsApp enable your business greater sales and marketing strategy results. Therefore, our tool has the automatic scheduling and triggering of messages, to make the entrepreneur’s life easier. 

Thus, it is only necessary to create a transmission list and configure its transmission or import a base of contacts in a CSV file — a text file that allows saving information separated by commas. 

The tool already has a “templates” tab to create messages, save them and customize them when necessary. In another article here on our blog, we already explained how to create campaigns

The good thing about this is that by using the campaign creation, scheduling and task organizer features, your company is even more likely to sell via WhatsApp in a scalable way. 

Start using Blueticks right now 

As you can see, by scheduling message triggers, you can communicate with your company’s entire list of customers. Also, you can assign tasks without leaving WhatsApp. 

This makes all communication, whether commercial or not, centralized in the same tool, facilitating all the task management and message triggering in one place. 

Complete tool, isn’t it? Enjoy and install Blueticks right now to have an even more optimized workflow with your team! 

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It makes sense, as it decreases the chances of the reader clicking and leaving the page. 

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