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 What is Task Management? 

Task management today is critical. If you work with many activities’ organization and management, you should know this. Nowadays, job offers that request fitting the multitasking profile are becoming increasingly common, right? That is the point. 
Professionals need to go beyond this profile, because, in addition to simply performing more than one task, they need to perform the function with mastery. So they must be great at managing tasks in order to not get mixed up or delay them. 
And let’s face it, performing this administration without a good management tool is next to impossible. 
That is why you should keep reading this article so that you better understand the subject and why you should add this technique into your professional life. 

What is task management 

Task management is a technique that structures actions and priorities, involving several essential functions in the process. The main ones are to: 

In addition, this entire coordination system also includes the workflow organization. Even if the manager hasn’t had the opportunity to look at the board, he can still add or modify tasks to the board sight unseen. 

In order to execute the job, the manager uses management software. However, contrary to what many managers do, the best option is to use a single software. 
Therefore, it is possible to gather collaborators and tasks into one place. Generating a 360º view. 
The goal is precisely the practicability, right? So there is no reason to use one program for every function. With this macro view, it’s easier to take control of everything. 

Task management challenges 
Now, in view of all the benefits offered by this method of organization, it may even seem like there are no problems during the process of organizing tasks, but that is not true. 
Establishing clear objectives, achievable goals, success criteria, creating a collaborative environment for the project’s success, etc.  These are some of the challenges. 
However, there is nothing that a good organization cannot overcome. 

How to perform a good task management 

How to perform a good task management 

First, choose a good software to perform this management. It needs to meet all the work needs of your team, as well as, gather all the qualities required for this administration. 
One of the main advantages of task management is practicality. Thus, it is essential that the manager looks for an option that allows him to bring together all the collaborators of the project, and also, that there is already a certain familiarity of all with the chosen option. 
The reason for these requirements? Time saving. The centralization of tasks and collaborators, added to the familiarity with the software saves valuable time. 
Then the focus is on the work itself that needs to be done. After choosing the best option for your team, focus on tasks that cannot be postponed or delayed. What are the priorities? What are the most important for the schedule? 
Identify the main demands, start thinking about their distribution, their delivery times and those in charge of the execution. Obviously, a work team has specific people for each activity, be sure to think about it. 
That said, we come to an essential step: communication with your team. The communication time to reunite the group is important for everything to happen in the best possible way. After all, when a team wins, everyone is part of that victory. 

How to manage tasks via WhatsApp 

Using WhatsApp for task management can be useful in many ways. Starting with centralization, as this is the most popular messaging app of its kind. So all your team members are already there. 
And obviously, if everyone is already a heavy user, there won’t be time invested in familiarizing themselves with new software, correct? This is very important, because “being busy” is different from “being productive”, meaning that wasted time can result in loss. 
So, with all these advantages, how can this task management via WhatsApp be done? That’s the point: there is already an extension that helps you with this. 
Blueticks is an extension for WhatsApp Web that can be used in browsers that support the Chrome Web Store. With a super intuitive panel, it’s great when it comes to task distribution. 
Moreover, it also presents options that go beyond management, such as sending bulk messages, essential in Marketing campaigns. 
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