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How to promote your products at Easter using WhatsApp

How are you preparing your business for Easter sales? This is a promising time on the calendar and if you’ve come this far it’s because your product or service is well accepted in this period. 

WhatsApp is the most popular messenger in Brazil, with an 87% presence among prepaid line users, according to the second edition of the Global Pre-Paid Index. So it makes perfect sense to look at it as a potential sales channel. And indeed, it is. 

In addition, the Blueticks extension for Google Chrome provides features for WhatsApp Web that help the marketing team with campaigns. The company, therefore, can use the application as a great ally to trigger orders during that time. 

Check some ways to make Easter sales via WhatsApp with Blueticks below. 

Use transmission lists 

You are probably already familiar with the standard WhatsApp transmission lists. It’s a relevant way to send the same text up to 256 people. However, the Blueticks list tool is different. 

With it, you can import an unlimited number of contacts from a CSV file — that is, you don’t need to have all of them saved in your phone. That is a big plus, but the extension does even more and has a feature to leave personalized messages. 

With some wildcards set in the campaign setup, the company calls each person by their name, even if the rest of the message is the same for everyone. The advantage lies in placing personality in the message, indicating that it is not just a text copied and pasted. 

Make sure there was first contact 

SPAM is bad in all its forms. Nobody likes it and it just gets in the way. But in the case of WhatsApp, the repulsion is even worse, as people feel invaded by the fact that third parties have their phone numbers. 

So, before launching your easter campaign, make sure that all (I repeat, all) receivers have already had some contact with your relationship channel via WhatsApp. It is not a technical requirement, but a socio-relational one that aims to increase the positive perception of your brand. 

Here what you need to do is feel when is the best timing to include a certain contact in a campaign. Perhaps it is better to increase the level of relationship before applying such a guideline, or else the single approach is enough. It all depends on your perception of the contact. 

Create attractive Easter campaigns 

Nobody likes to receive advertising messages, so it is essential that your campaign brings some value to your contacts. Taking advantage of the Easter season, how about sending a message with a little curiosity about the date? 

Or, you can go further and customize the campaign according to the type of customer. For example, for customers who have only purchased once, you can launch a campaign that encourages them to come back; for those who are just leads (that is, they haven’t even made a purchase), activation offers can be a good choice; and for repeaters, a loyalty bonus will be very welcome. 

With Blueticks, you can create countless lists, each bringing together customers at different stages of the funnel, making it easy for you to communicate with everyone in an appropriate way. 

Give great customer service 

Even though the subject of this article is Easter campaigns, it is essential to mention the importance of good customer service as the sale becomes easier and more natural when there is a friendly atmosphere between the parties. This does not mean that you need to use everyday language (the famous friendly language, popularized by Nubank and Netflix). 

Blueticks resources for scheduling texts, for example, help to transmit agility, empathy and professionalism in communicating with stakeholders. 

Organize customers by relationship stage 

Brushed superficially in the third item of this article, the concept of funnel stages represents the customer’s maturity to make a purchase. This must be considered because the tone of voice adopted in messages for those who are already used to your brand is different for those who have just met it. 

It is concluded, therefore, as wrong (or at least inappropriate) from the Marketing point of view that a single message is directed to all customers and leads. Campaigns will have more acceptance if the communication is targeted and considers the relationship stages. 

Use WhatsApp Business 

It is essential to show professionalism in your WhatsApp contact card, and this is only possible with the Business version of the application. In addition to allowing the configuration of an opening hours, contact email, catalog and away messages, separating your personal number from your professional number is extremely necessary. 

That way, no customer will call you outside of your office hours. You might think that if this happens, you can just ignore it and reply the next business day, but the “online” status will make your customer anxious. Besides, if your personal number is the only service channel, not reading messages means your company is ignoring customers. 

Every purchase is a vote of confidence 

Whenever a person enters a store and chooses something, he puts his trust twice: first in the product and finally in the establishment. This is as much about helpful service and support as it is about the question that “if it’s here to sell, it works, otherwise this store wouldn’t expose it”. 

Therefore, it is up to managers to encourage that trust and then maintain it. Investing in a good relationship with customers in the pre- and post-sales demonstrates affection and commitment. This contributes to customer retention. 

WhatsApp campaigns (when well structured) have incredible effects. Blueticks allows messaging campaigns with images and files, making them more attractive. Add to that the personalization of each message, as already mentioned, and the result is a higher open rate. 

This Easter, use Blueticks to publicize your company’s special promotions, win more customers and increase income. Click here to download the extension and get started

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