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Have you ever looked around for an effective task management tool?

WhatsApp integration now lets you create tasks via the messaging service.

Have you ever looked around for an effective task management tool? If so, you’d know exactly how hard they are to come by. It seems like no application is entirely up for the job, from tracking your team’s efforts to organizing their activities and optimizing workflows.

Enter the Blueticks Task Management tool. It ranks among the most innovative task managers your organization will come across. 

Its edge? Blueticks integrates seamlessly with WhatsApp Web via a Google Chrome extension. The tool adds much more convenience to communicating with your teams and delegating their tasks.

If you’re searching for reasons to adopt a new task management tool, you’re on the right page. Perhaps you’re wondering how your current task manager compares to the best on the market. Rest assured, this post explores all you need to know about task management tools and how Blueticks stands out from the rest.

Blueticks adds efficiency to WhatsApp:

WhatsApp is a widely known and widely used instant messaging service. However, it isn’t famous for the advantages that it gives organizations. Platforms such as Blueticks’ Task Management Tool are set to change that.

Its integration lets you create reminders and tasks with the Blueticks extension on WhatsApp’s web platform. The features of this task management extend to WhatsApp mobile users too. As well as this, you’re able to forward messages to Blueticks to create tasks.

The Importance Of Blueticks Task Management:

Managers have it tough. They must oversee multiple tasks all at once. It’s a daily act of juggling people, tasks, and organizational goals. 

There can be a lot to account for and oversee. Yet, managing people and their activities can become a bit too much with the wrong task manager.

Without the task management tools like Blueticks, you’re most likely spending too much time on the little things and doing a lot more work than necessary. The result is missed deadlines due to poorly managed workers, leading to unsatisfied clients and a lowered reputation.

Blueticks designed their task management tool to optimize how businesses organize their tasks. It also adds practicality and clarity to each team member’s functions to perform.

Integrate-able with WhatsApp Web, the Blueticks task management tool can streamline work that needs the input of more than one person. Below is a list of its other functions and how Blueticks stands out from the rest.

The aspects listed above are crucial to ensuring that you and your organization use the most effective task management tools. If they only make it look like your current software lacks, you should consider options such as Blueticks.

How Blueticks Gives Your Organization the Edge:

Planning and scheduling projects is a highly crucial aspect of project management. This is irrespective of the methodology applied. A practical task manager prioritizes these functions and does not let work slip behind or fall by the wayside as a result.

Your task management tool should make a breeze of allocating resources, pointing out dependencies, setting deadlines, and creating performance indicators.

A well-prepared and timely start to a project or task lays the foundation for its success. With that being said, an effective task management tool comes with features that let you streamline the planning and scheduling process.

It is not uncommon for members of different departments to come together under a single project. These members are not only expected to complete their day-to-day tasks. They are expected to prioritize the added project as well. 

This juggling game creates communication gaps and unnecessary delays in projects. Worse, it can end up becoming a wasteful use of resources.

A significant advantage of having a project management tool like Blueticks is making collaboration simple. Practical task management tools can keep all communications and updates in a single task in a suitable location. Members of assigned tasks can access status updates, timelines, and comments with a single click.

The nature of work has changed dramatically over the last few years. Accelerated by the COVID 19 pandemic, an increasing number of workers no longer have to go to work in the morning. Instead, they now work remotely from the comfort of their own homes. 

This goes to prove that physical locations no longer limit modern work tasks. However, a scattered workforce may cause management problems. This calls upon the need for an effective task management tool.

Your project management tool should allow you to gain clarity on the progress of your tasks. It should allow you to view when they are being worked on, by whom, how often, and their set completion time.

It is essential to safely share and access the files you need to complete or add to the progress of a project. This is a feature that your management should boast about. Not only is it convenient to have easy and safe access to files on the go, but it also enhances productivity.

A project management tool should optimize your decision-making process and improve work productivity. This is bolstered by the fact that all the important details of a task can be accessed in a single place.

If the highlights of this post make your current task management tool appear to be lacking, you most likely need to consider Blueticks. 

To purchase a plan and optimize your task management function, go to, select the “task management” option and choose between a monthly payment of $29 per month and an annual payment  that comes to $20 per month.

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