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How to provide real-time customer service on WhatsApp

Whether you have a longstanding business or are just starting, you’ll appreciate all the advantages WhatsApp offers to help you grow your business.

It is a platform used by different demographics, a highly engaging digital channel, and it allows you to provide real-time customer service, which your customers will appreciate. But what if you could make this platform even more effective for your business?

That’s where Blueticks come into play. Blueticks is a free Google Chrome extension that automates your marketing campaigns and allows you to promote your products or services through WhatsApp messages.

We made Blueticks ensure businesses get even more out of their WhatsApp marketing campaigns. Automated marketing allows you to run targeted marketing campaigns that send personalized messages based on user behavior, allowing you to maximize your customer outreach and drive sales.

With this function, it is possible to import a database in CVS (Comma Separated Values), include images and files, program the campaign to automatically trigger for the day and time you want, and send it to more than one contact.

What is WhatsApp Campaigns By Blueticks?

Let our Bulk campaigns bring your business to life! Sending lists, templates, campaigns, personal messages, and CSV imports are among the features you’ll be able to use. 

Your business will flourish with consistent growth and booming engagement. With Blueticks, you can communicate effectively with your audience. 

How Does It Work?

You can create WhatsApp web campaigns using broadcast lists with a few clicks. Here are the steps:

How is Blueticks Priced?

You can choose from the four available campaign packs when creating a campaign. To buy this plan, go to our website , select the Campaigns option, and choose the Monthly ($49.00 per month) or Annual ($29.00 per month) option.

Automate Your Marketing Campaign with Blueticks

If you work on marketing campaigns, you know how time-consuming it can be. You also know how important it is for your products or services to reach your audience. That’s exactly what Blueticks does. You can scale your WhatsApp marketing campaigns with Blueticks in multiple ways. You can send texts, pictures, or videos when you would like to improve your sales.

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