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WhatsApp has many great features for you to utilize to your advantage.

But, while the centralized instant messaging freeware has excellent ease of use and seamless cross-platform communication, there’s still one thing it’s missing…

The ability to schedule messages.

This means personalized messages, messaging campaigns with file attachments, or scheduled tasks. If someone who works for you has a birthday drawing near and you want to make sure you don’t forget to acknowledge them, scheduling a personalized message to them is a huge help.

There might be ways to schedule your messages on mobile devices, but the WhatsApp platform effectively-being workarounds do not officially support them. That means limitations, such as incompatibility after updates, de-syncs, etc. 

It would be best if you had an extension that works seamlessly with WhatsApp and optimizes your time on the platform, rather than being an inconvenience. 

Blueticks is the Ultimate Chrome Extension for WhatsApp

BlueTicks WhatsApp Scheduler is a Google Chrome extension that automates WhatsApp tasks and optimizes productivity, scale, and time. It drastically enhances your WhatsApp experience, adding essential message scheduling features to WhatsApp Web. 

The scheduler function is the bread and butter of what BlueTicks is about. The WhatsApp Scheduler feature enables you to schedule messages to a single contact or a group at any time of your choosing. It’s not hard to imagine how much easier this can make your daily business life, especially if you’re in a field where you’re required to contact multiple clients at designated times. 

With the business world rapidly shifting to remote work and an ever-increasing multitude of digital processes, it can get hard to keep up with individual clients or people on your team. Here are just a few of the reasons you’d want a message scheduler in today’s work climate:

It’s also a great tool if you want to remain in contact with essential persons while you’re away on holiday. 

You can schedule the message to either be a one-time or recurring message, setting your messages to recur for many minutes, hours, days, months and even years. 

How to Schedule Messages on WhatsApp Web with Blueticks

Sending out messages with the scheduler feature is straightforward. Just a few steps, and you’ll be well on your way to scheduling messages and enjoying all of the other services BlueTicks offers.

All you need is the Google Chrome web browser to get started, and just takes a few short steps, which we’ll cover below: 

1. Install the Blueticks Extension

Note: Keep in mind that if you’re using a company computer, there may be firewalls that block certain Chrome extensions from being installed. Check with the proper channels to ensure you can be granted access.

2. Schedule a Message Using BlueTicks

Now that you’ve got BlueTicks installed and you’ve opened WhatsApp Web on Chrome, follow these steps to get your first message scheduled: 

And voila. You’re all done. Easy as that. 

Note: You can set your messages to recur for many minutes, hours, days, months, and even years. After selecting ” Custom Recurrence, ” click on the “Repeat Every” button after selecting “Custom Recurrence” and select a timeframe.

Scheduled Messages on WhatsApp Web has never been so easy

With BlueTicks, you can optimize your experience with scheduled messages, companies, CRM APIs, and more, all with a simple click of a button. 

The basic plan is 100% free forever, but you get some additional features on the Scheduler package you don’t want to pass up. Here are the features per package: 

Basic (Free)


Price: Monthly: $5 Yearly: $3 per month/yearly

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